An overview of our main services

Industrial Design

A succesful project or idea, should be followed by an ergonomical and good design, to enhance and underline the object plus and the company style: nothing that you can see should be left to chance.

Shops or Exhibitions

Especially for B2B, but also for retails, products aren't presented on the web, only. Accordingly, a well designed facing, displays, in shops or exhibitions make the difference. FineLook is able to create architecture and interiors in line with the company images and communication values.

Packaging & Display

A well covering for your product can make a difference in the perception of its quality. For this reason FineLook has put much attention to the packing coordinated image, collecting several successful case histories.

Image support

photos of the product, details of special macro-photography, corporate and technical photography, 3D modeling support and descriptive overlays are only part of the skills at your disposal to dress professionally your ideas.

Shooting stage

Finelook is structured with a fully equipped photographic studio of 40 square meters and a traditional darkroom with integrated large-format scanner and a proof-printer for color proofing.

Our Calendar

similar if not the equal to the famous and best known "Pirelli", which encompasses commitment and devotion addressed to a form of art that has been the architect of the greatest achievements of Italian products in fashion, furniture and industrial design.